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Hi! I am so happy you found my website. I love having a platform to share my experiences, struggles, breakthroughs and so much more….

Many times we get comfortable in our situation, even if we are not completely happy, because it is all we know. Fear, doubt and the inability to see what we are capable of doing holds us back to who and what we can really become. If you see yourself as a “non fitness person” then you will continue to tell that story and give up on your fitness regiment or may never start. If you tell yourself “I will never find love” then you will continue seeing yourself as “unworthy of healthy, good love”.

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Let me share my story….

I grew up playing sports. Loved softball, volleyball, track and was always super active as a child and into high school. I decided to attend Arizona State University (Go Devils) and played D1 collegiate softball for them. I loved playing, especially in college, and I feel like that is where I started to become more aware of my health and fitness. I graduated from ASU in 2004 with a B.A. degree in Political Science and had aspirations for law school. After taking the LSAT and working as an intern at the House of Reps I knew that law school was not for me. I went back to school and received my Masters in Exercise and Wellness and while doing that I started training people out of my home. I knew my passion was helping others so I followed my heart…not knowing where it was going to take me.

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