Let's skyrocket your income to $10k months and beyond with my sell & scale framework! Stop trading time for money and finally create impact and income doing what you love!

Helping online coaches sell and scale their online coaching business to create the freedom and wealth they desire.

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Hi,  I'm Felicia and I'm a your mentor, friend and hype girl! I opened up my first gym in 2004 and spent over 12 years building gyms from the ground up. I have also been a fitness coach for over 15+ years but felt the desire to pivot in 2017 after I sold my last gym, Fit Method.

Since then I have been obsessed with learning the ins and outs of building a profitable online coaching business. After hiring my own mentor, I hit my first $10k within months and have scaled to over $30K months. 
I am so proud of the businesses I've built and the life I created all because I decided to go all in on myself and my desires to create the life I wanted.
Impact. Freedom. Wealth and having
SO much fun doing it.

I can't wait to show you how it's
ALL possible for you, too! 

"I wanted to create freedom, impact and wealth"

"Review #2 goes right here. Vice paleo bitters before they sold out, single-origin coffee marfa subway dollar toast iceland. Mlkshk,  tousled flannel celiac pork belly roof party. Poke vexillologist vaporware."

"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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A 4 month business accelerator for the wellness coach who is READY to stop trading time for money and build a 6 figure online coaching business that gives her more freedom, impact and wildly wealthy. 

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