HI and welcome to the “Diet Dropout Podcast” . I am your host Felicia Romero, a retired IFBB figure pro, 8 time fitness cover model, fitness expert and a self proclaimed “diet dropout” . I spent years obsessing over my body, the scale and trying to achieve the perfect look only to realize that external perfection was unattainable and happiness was an inside job. I believe you can still achieve all of your fitness goals without a “diet”. If you agree then you are in the right place. 

If you disagree , well tune in anyway because I might just prove you wrong with my own personal journey.  Here I am going to challenge your mind surrounding food, fitness, health and everything in between to help you create a truly positive mind and self acceptance.  Here we go……

If you are tired of yo yo dieting, starting and stopping your fitness goals, and obsessing over the scale then this podcast is for you. Welcome to the “Diet Dropout” podcast where I will bring you real people who will tell you real stories about how they have broken through their plateaus and how you can do the same. 

Week after week, I will bring you my own personal stories and how I overcame my health issues , as well as actionable advice from top health professionals, naturopaths , and other industry leaders who are not afraid to talk about this topic. 

Being a diet dropout is so much more than the diet and food itself, it is a movement about truly getting to a place in life where self acceptance is the goal and living your best self is being healthy from the inside out. 

Are you with me? Stop defining yourself by that scale and start empowering yourself to change your mindset. It is POSSIBLE, and I am here to share with you how! 

Thank you in advance for tuning in to the Diet Dropout podcast! 

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